MC Moffit

I am a broadcast producer, event coordinator, and gaming fan.Executive Director @ Kinstone
Senior Broadcast Producer @ Direct Relief
Broadcaster @ Twitch
Along with my teams and communities, I have raised over $6 million for great causes such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, charity: water, The Wild Foundation, and others.


In 2009, I founded a team that raises money for charity through online gaming broadcasts. Since our inception, we have raised over $3,300,000 for good causes worldwide.Currently, I remain the Executive Director of the team, working to create new and exciting events every year.

Direct Relief

In 2016, I began contracting for the non-profit Direct Relief to help with the production of their gaming fundraising events.Colosseum, our flagship event series, has raised over $2,400,000 for disaster relief efforts.

Watch MC on Twitch

Since 2010, I've persued independent content creation as a hobby. Over the years I've evolved and developed my technical and social skills to create a welcoming and engaging stream envivornment. Since becoming a Twitch Partner in 2011, I've collaborated with friends and peers to create some of the most unique moments on the platform.

Office Hours

Starting January 1, 2024, I'm being more strict with my work/life balance. This is to ensure I have the time to spend with the people I love and do the hobbies that make my life happy.I will accept any meetings within these hours.
I will respond to work messages and emails within these hours.
Any exceptions are made at my own discretion. Hours do not apply the week prior, or during, an event I'm helping operate.For emergencies, I can be contacted via phone. If you do not have my phone number and should, send me a message.Thank you! Be well.

WeekdayAvailable Hours
Monday12PM - 7PM ET
Tuesday12PM - 7PM ET
Wednesday12PM - 7PM ET
Thursday12PM - 7PM ET
Friday12PM - 7PM ET