#mcgTTC VIP Newsletter – October 28th, 2015

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Wait… this is different… That’s right! For this week, the #mcgTTC VIP Newsletter is open to EVERYONE! I have some important things to discuss and everyone who enjoys my content should have the ability to read it. (However, VIPs, check the message that will hit your inbox for tournament codes.)

Real Talk

CRaU80_XAAAaC_yRecently, on my second Twitter account, I made a Venn Diagram that shows my interests in life broken down into What I Enjoy, What I’m Good At and What Makes a Profit. Ever since I decided that I no longer wanted to play Minecraft, it has been an uphill battle to establish myself and continue to be able to live life. I want to not owe money, but I refuse to sacrifice my morals or my enjoyment of creativity. I will actively refuse offers to game companies who want to pay me to play their game, and I refuse to play games like Minecraft because they “are popular”. So, by using my Venn Diagram, I discovered two things.

ONE ) I love Zeldathon. I know you probably all know this, but Zeldathon is my passion in life. It is the single project that has consistently improved and never gotten boring to me. If I could, I would do nothing but work on Zeldathon full time. Unfortunately, for that to happen, my Patreon would have to grow a lot larger, and I know people want more content other than just Zeldathon. That leads me into point 2

TWO ) I am good at Group Content. Zeldathon is obviously the prime example of this. So over the past month I have been trying to discover a way to both capture the “Friends on a couch” feeling of Zeldathon and create something new that is separate. Something on a schedule, that you can look forward to. Something that is high quality and isn’t slapped together at the last moment.

These thoughts have been running in my head and I am ready to announce a few things!

Starting this Friday, Mario Kart 8 Race Nights will be group streams. As always, VIPs can join in our tournament, but now, you will be able to see the various Zeldathon Team members that happen to visit that evening along with me on a couch. We have a similar stream setup to Zeldathon prepared, so I hope you enjoy it. Also, Smash Bros. Night will be the very same!

CSXzaCtUsAADoDdGroup playthrough streams will be coming soon. I need to plan some things out still, but expect some Zelda, Captain Toad, Mario Party and other games to be on my stream as we take these games on!

I am currently developing a new show that will occur every single Wednesday at 9PM ET. This show will focus on fun stories, Zeldathon news and in general, having a fun time. I can confirm the show will be co-hosted by @TheSideofRice, and feature a different Special Guest from The Zeldathon Team every week. Our first show is scheduled for November 11th, and I hope to have you all tune in. Formal announcements on the show’s name, branding and such will come over the next week or two.

I hope my new direction is something that appeals to you. It is obvious that some tinkering may have to be done, but I think this will really provide for a fun different way for me to produce a ton of content, be happy with it, and it to hopefully help my content grow to more viewers.


This week has been off the wall with Zeldathon work!

ThumbnailOf course, we launched the Scott’s Cooking Show highlight, and from what I understand, you all thought it was pretty funny. I’m glad! Our next big update is on November 7th, and I am working hard on that video. One thing to look forward this marathon is that we will be returning Zeldathon Game Shows. Anyone remember Zeldathon Feud from back in the day? That’s returning alongside new shows like Who Wants to Be a Triforce Tier Donor and Zeldathon Jeopardy. The Zeldathon Team will need your help thought to make this happen, so be sure to watch the update video coming on the 7th.

I have been working on an awesome video that is coming out the 15th, and starting to plan out the marathon’s Credits Roll sequence.

This week I have been continuing to check up on our various teams.

8_closedOur artwork team is in full production on a secret project, and I can’t wait to share that one with you. Let’s just say we have three of my favorite artists doing something we’ve never done at a Zeldathon before.

Our music team sent me a preview of an upcoming song, and it is going to blow your minds. Can’t hint at this one quite yet though.

Our development team has been doing great work, with progress on The Zeldathon Donation Platform making large strides. Donations do open on the 1st, so please give some love to @Varlathotep and @stinusmeret for their hard work.

Our website design leader, @NoahShrader, launched the brand new Zeldathon Hope countdown page at and it is rocking! He has a ton of other big changes and features being added both on the 7th and the 15th, so keep an eye out for those, and toss him some smiles over on Twitter!

Our archival team has been working on Zeldathon Adventure and Zeldathon Relief VODs and it has been going well. I should be getting more of them up on YouTube. Major shoutouts to @0rganics for organizing some of the many various pieces of Zeldathon footage that have been lost after the great Twitch Deletion.

Coming up into this next week, I will be continuing my editing on various video projects, be finalizing press information and working my Credits Roll sketch.  I will also be meeting the CEO and Director of Development of HelpHOPELive next week, I am very excited to speak with them about the work they do, and share some insight of how Zeldathon works with them.


Mario Kart Night is Friday at 7PM ET. Both DLCs are REQUIRED. 150cc mode. The tournament code is in your Twitch/Patreon message.

Smash Bros. Night is Sunday at 7PM ET. The tournament code and password are in you Twitch/Patreon message, however EVERYONE will be able to participate this week, and the tournament info will be in my Twitch Broadcast Title.

Current # of Twitch Subscribers: 223 (-5 since last week)

Current Patreon Total: $1,068.70 (No change since last week)

My Twitch Subscriber and Patreon Total information is provided in my newsletter to help show the growth or decline of my channel as openly as possible to those who support me. I believe in the power of transparency.

Thank you all for enjoying my content, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s update. As always, you can send me a comment below and I will respond in good time!

#mcgTTC REPRESENT!~ (I hope everyone enjoyed the public update. Maybe I should do it once a month?)

^_^ MC


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