Twitch Audio Content-ID

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Just some thoughts on the new Twitch thing that everyone is talking about.


I was overseeing a chat on Skype and the standard reaction about streaming on a channel was the following: “ANY GAME you play MUST have the audio MUTED at ALL TIMES
DONT play ANY music that’s not from creative commons.” Later, it was said that otherwise our channel will be shutdown due to copyright strikes similar to YouTube.


I responded quickly with a “No, lol” because doing that isn’t going to make your content better at all, and then I went on to explain what’s happening, partially playing devil’s advocate for a moment, and giving my thoughts on the route we should take.


“Keep doing what you’re doing. This only applies to VODs, and is not copyright claims either. This is prevention AGAINST copyright claims. Twitch doesn’t like DMCAs, so it is putting a system in place so that companies can’t complain to them by removing possibly infringing audio.” My big point here is that a Content-ID system does not mean channel shutdowns and DCMAs, it is a step before that so that Twitch doesn’t HAVE to do channel shutdowns when they get DCMA notices about a channel.


“Problem is the system is loose, and will flag stuff that’s legit, or just in game music.”

“…Hopefully policy will change (unlikely), but I recommend just recording your streams. If you are worried about ad revenue, don’t be. Twitch bux aren’t worth it, and you can upload it on YouTube if you want, and it might get flagged there, but whatever, money isn’t the goal. Content is the goal.”


But yeah, this is pretty crap the way this is being handled. I mean, audio Content-ID would be fine if all possible flags were human reviewed BEFORE they affected a VOD. It would require probably a team of 25+ (Total crap estimating, lol) and during this initial phase-in would likely require more and tons of time. This is the way we can remove audio that shouldn’t be on streams so you don’t get DCMA’s (Like someone playing Lady Gaga or something, whatever) but still allow the good stuff to persist (In-game licensed soundtracks and misflags).


The only thing that will cause issue is if the intent with this IS to remove all audio that is “technically” infringing like Kakariko’s background music from Zelda. If the system WAS designed for that, then it the panic is justified.


Hopefully Twitch’s AMA gives us some detail. And hopefully not Google.



Thank You and Review

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Thank you to everyone who voted in my polls I made today. Many of you praised me for my want for direct feedback, while others criticized my decision to limit choices and not provide an official way for expanded answers. First, let me explain that choice. I believe in the power of decisiveness. It has become a pseudo-joke here in HatHouse, where when I give options, and people say “I don’t care”, I do not allow them to to just take that easy path, I tell them to make the decision and be DECISIVE! Even if it is choosing a stage in Smash Bros. or deciding what time to set an alarm, the ability to give a straight, as true to your gut answer allows the most hardcore truth and happiness possible. I apologize for those of you I put in a tough space to choose between some things. To those who told me to crawl in a hole and stop making content, I applaud you for your momentary braveness in choosing an option that the majority will dislike. To that effect, I have no intention of digging any holes, not unless I’m at Camp Greenlake working hard for Mr. Sir.  *AHEM*


So the point of this wasn’t to go “Oh, here’s what the majority thinks, lets cancel everything else”, that would be silly, counterproductive to honoring all facets of my audience and just in general be a dumb move.


Nah, this is just me thinking, “Ok, where in general should my focus be? What should I be improving to make a better impression.”


But before we get to that, let’s reference a tweet from several days ago:

What do I want to be known for?

Do I want to be known as a Mindcracker? Do I want to be known as the Zelda guy? What about the podcast guy?

No, I want to be known as SuperMCGamer, this rad dude who makes cool stuff and throws it up on his channel as he sees fit.


There are two montras in the MC Moral Book:

1. Make the same quality content, whether it is for one person, or a million.

2. Play what you want, when you want, for as long as you want.


So, with that in mind, let’s move on into some analysis.

I want to know what to do with my Minecraft series, people like them, but they just haven’t been getting the consistent viewership they used to. To improve that, we have to key into what people WANT and what they see to IMPROVE. I didn’t ask for specific  opinions because I knew you guys would give them to me. Thanks for being somewhat predictable! (lol)

1. Orange Wool is staying. Millbee and I have trouble keeping a schedule, but I will yell at him this week to make it a consistent Saturday show.

2. My other Mindcrack content lacks anything unique. I am not a builder, I do not play Minecraft multiple hours a day, and I do not want to force myself to. What I am interested in is Minecraft Minigames with fans, and what better method to do so other than PlayMindcrack. I referenced this into my old show Good Morning Mindcrack, and while I want this to return as a daily show (aka the glory days), I am having trouble justifying it right now, as the time required would be scary if I don’t feel it is ‘worth it’. I will be announcing and discussing something big related to this on Wednesday that I have been foreshadowing cleverly over the past few weeks, maybe you’ve picked up on it.

3. Over half of you like Nintendo livestreams the most. Minecraft livestreams are liked, but are in general the least liked of my current Minecraft content. I am considering having my Twitch channel have ZERO Minecraft content, and instead focusing on having my YouTube being the place to find my Minecraft stuff, and more of it.

4. One third of you watch my Zelda content. You are cool people and I plan to kick this up to a daily series if I can find the motivation.

5. One third of you don’t want my alternative content on my main channel. I respect your thoughts, and I will consider options as I work on a new Secret Project that is a departure from much of my recent content.

6. I have worried about the 100% Mario Monday show for awhile. It is a good show, and I feel if I am feeling great, and am doing a game less than 6 hours, I will enjoy it and create a wonderful stream. However, as seen recently, some days just don’t have that. I am planning to change the name of the show to just “Mario Monday” and have the occassional 100% playthrough, and on days I don’t feel like marathon streaming, to instead play games normally, casually, speedrun or otherwise. This also frees up time for some scheduled Yoshi’s Island speedruns.

7. Patreon is now currently my main source of income. While I am immensely grateful, for it to be my SUSTAINABLE source of income, we still are over $1000 away from that. To help incentivize this, I plan on adding new rewards and milestones, as well as redoing the video on it to be less scripted and more real. This will, be filmed inside of both Minecraft and my Twitch chat to show the mcgCommunity at work.


That’s all for now, I could summarize things, but I think the best thing to say is THANK YOU for being so receptive, helpful and honest. I am very priviliged and honored to be the favorite YouTube/Twitch content producer of many of you out there. I am grateful that you guys understand my restlessness, as a young creator, I love exploring and finding out what works.

Much love to you all,

^_^ MC


EDIT: Also, some BASED opinions on Your Builds and how to improve it! I will work on organizing possibly an interview every week on an exceptional build! I hate organizing collaborations, but we’ll see what we can do!



A Return to a Lost Love

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MCScottI am exhausted. I am tired. I hurt… and it feels so good.

This weekend, @GreatScottLP and myself spent most of our free time working hard on new content for the channel, including a behind the scenes of the Temporary Podcast, a new TNMC skit and a weekly skit series starting May 28th. We went in the woods, the park and worked with a ton of the HatHouse team to make varied and hilarious content.

Returning to filmed comedy was really amazing, and I hope our humor and thoughts come through, as this is the type of content I love to create. I began YouTube with the mission to create sketch comedy, and while I actually got popular due to Minecraft, bringing this type of content back out really makes me elated.

I don’t have any deep thoughts right now, because I just shot so much today that I need to pass out. I hope my fans like what I have here, because I think it is absolutely out of this world.



Big Ideas and Reform

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I love to do big ideas and try new things. Too much in fact. I am confident I have lost views, viewers and a large part of my channel because of my lack in consistency and confidence in my content.


Today, I was working hard on the Hyrule Academy outline for my Friday show, when I came up with a great idea to make my channel exactly what I want it to be. Focused on monthly fundraisers for charity, extremely polished, well thought out content with a minimal schedule and little advertising thanks to a purely viewer funded Patreon page.  I began drafting how I could drop tons of my current shows, do new things like review games, expand the podcast and all these crazy ideas. I was thinking about even on when I could launch it and all of that.


That’s when I had to stop.


I had to stop thinking and coming up with these ideas. They are great, but they are not feasible. I am very honored and privileged to have a loyal couple thousand people who regularly watch all my content. That number used to much larger though, and I have lost it, all completely me. I have lost them because I cannot keep consistent with the content that my channel was once known for. Good Morning Mindcrack. Mindcrack pranks. Although, my Nintendo Let’s Plays never got a ton of views. I didn’t care. That may have been my favorite content, but I didn’t let it get to me. I just kept chugging along. GMM was my lifeblood.


When it stopped, so did my success. I can’t give exact numbers, but essentially, I make less than 25% of what I was making at the end of 2012, when I moved out to my own house. GMM really did that. I could go back, but I know the content would be bad, I would feel horrible because while I may get the VIEWS and the MONEY, I would lose the RESPECT and the PRIDE I have in my work.

So since it ended, I’ve flailed around implementing HUGE ideas that inevitably fail, getting desperate enough to try and relaunch GMM with little success and happiness. These big ideas come because I just want to prove my content is good, and I come up with these plans to make AMAZING content that I would be extremely proud of, happy with making, but I cannot do that. That’s not what YouTube wants.


Anyways, just a kind of rant here about how I hate coming up with these ideas, because I know I cannot do them, and to do so would kill my livelihood and respect my audience has for me. It also hurts because I feel I am being dishonest, and that’s not how I like to be. I want to stand up and scream how I truly feel, but I am not a person to many people, I am merely a character on screen, and I have to keep in-character.




i am not normal. :D


Whatever! Maybe I’ll relaunch GMM? Maybe? That would be cool.

^_^ MC



Behind the Scenes: Mindcrack Arsons and New Member

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S4E14So, today marked the release of the final episode of my Mindcrack “Arson Arc” where I investigate a series of fires on the Mindcrack server. I’m going to be detailing some behind the scenes tid-bits in this post, so if you don’t like hearing the stories behind really bad role playing, then stop now!

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Welcome to the NEW NEW NEW Website

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MicrophoneAfter many a failed versions, we have an actual website! Say hello to the brand new, new version of the new SuperMCGamer website! (It’s NEW!) Thanks to the efforts of 756Designs and Rosie (Both of whom are linked in the footer) we have this amazing website. I will be using this blog to talk about all sorts of things! I will chat about my personal life a bit (Keeping it positive though!), giving production insights, as well as possibly some creative writing in the ways of in progress scripts or ideas. I encourage you to comment on the posts. I will be reading and responding to them all, that includes all the video posts as well.


Feel free to navigate around, check out the brand new SuperMCGamer Merch store, as well as see my Schedule page to know when to expect my content!


Much love!

^_^ MC